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operator of the State Automated Information System ERA-GLONASS


  • Remote Web automated workstation access
  • Real-time monitoring of cargo’s location
  • Checking cargo in and out of monitoring mode (using electronic seals)
  • Providing alerts of seals broken en route
  • Recording monitoring parameters
  • Remote Web automated workstation access
  • Solutions for the real-time monitoring and control of mobile and stationary facilities
  • Access to information on speed, mileage, location, traffic routes, stops, and idle periods
  • Monitoring the status of vehicle’s additional devices and equipment, such as fuel gauges, etc.
  • Generating analytical data for any time period
  • Event notifications by e-mail and text message
  • Detecting inefficient fuel consumption
  • Monitoring the proper use of vehicles
  • Recording failures of vehicle’s attached equipment to meet pre-set performance criteria 

When in need of roadside assistance, users can be provided with a range of services by means of the ERA-GLONASS SAIS technological infrastructure and customer service center:

  • help with starting up the engine

  • field support for minor repairs on the spot

  • field support for tire mounting

  • towing services

  • warranty-based towing services

  • fuel delivery services

  • field claims adjuster

  • remote technical support

  • 24/7 hotline support

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