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operator of the State Automated Information System ERA-GLONASS


  • Providing services using ERA-GLONASS State Automated Information System (ERA-GLONASS SAIS) subsystem testing for the development testing of emergency call devices (ECD) prototypes

  • As part of this service, the ERA-GLONASS System Operator provides the manufacturer of emergency call devices (ECD) with the data required to generate identification and authorization parameters for the microchip (SIM card) with which the ECD is equipped, for mobile networks, and for its identification in the ERA-GLONASS System

  • Identification of a device in the ERA-GLONASS system is accomplished when its associated information is available in the ERA-GLONASS system in accordance with the Rules for Information Exchange between the ERA-GLONASS State Automated Information System operator and information owners and users ratified by the Russian government Resolution No. 151 dated February 21st, 2015. This identification is made using ECD’s ID number, which is the identification number for the microchip (SIM card) installed in that device.

When in need of roadside assistance, users can be provided with a range of services by means of the ERA-GLONASS SAIS technological infrastructure and customer service center:

  • help with starting up the engine

  • field support for minor repairs on the spot

  • field support for tire mounting

  • towing services

  • warranty-based towing services

  • fuel delivery services

  • field claims adjuster

  • remote technical support

  • 24/7 hotline support

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