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operator of the State Automated Information System ERA-GLONASS


The JSC “GLONASS” development strategy up to 2024 is aimed at expanding the scope of application of navigation technologies while following the priority development areas as defined in the strategic program documents of the Russian Federation.

On the mid-term horizon, JSC “GLONASS” is going to pursue the objectives specified in:

  • Executive Order of the President of the Russian Federation dd. May 7, 2018 No. 204 “On National Goals and Strategic Objectives of the Russian Federation through to 2024”;
  • Top of the agenda of the Government of the Russian Federation through to 2024;
  • Transport strategy of the Russian Federation;
  • The “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” national program, as well as other national projects approved by the Government of the Russian Federation, state programs of the Russian Federation, developed as part of the key aspects of the strategic development of the Russian Federation, as well as in agency-specific target programs and task-oriented events held by the state bodies of the Russian Federation on the main areas of the Company’s activity;
  • Development strategy for the automotive industry of the Russian Federation through to 2025;
  • Action plans (‘road maps’) to improve legislation and reduce administrative barriers to facilitate the implementation of the National Technological Initiative.

Focus areas in JSC “GLONASS” development strategy

  • The services and solutions by JSC “GLONASS”, especially “ERA-GLONASS” SAIS, are of great social importance and have already proven efficiency in reducing mortality in road traffic accidents, preventing harm to human lives, health, environment.
  • JSC “GLONASS” has the potential for commercial development in order to provide extrabudgetary funding for the “ERA-GLONASS” SAIS operation and development, to expand the use of domestic navigation technologies for civilian purposes such as providing much-needed innovative data and communication services for the state, business and individuals.
  • JSC “GLONASS” is a keen participant in state infrastructure projects intended to streamline the digitalization of the economy, boost the country's technological development, enhance the potential and open up new growth prospects of the Russian data and navigation services market.
  • JSC “GLONASS” employs innovative solutions related to data and navigation technologies and is willing to distribute them in worldwide market.

Our Strategy up to 2024 provides for the following areas of the Company’s activity:

  • Vehicle safety;
  • Vehicle and insurance telematics;
  • Big data and telecommunication services;
  • Measures to improve navigation data reliability and accuracy;
  • Services for car owners;
  • Region-specific navigation and information systems;
  • International projects;
  • Consulting;
  • Other promising long-term projects.


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