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operator of the State Automated Information System ERA-GLONASS


The strategic goal of JSC GLONASS is to satisfy the needs of the government, motorists, and other individuals and legal entities for information and navigation services provided with the use of ERA-GLONASS SAIS to save motorists’ lives and preserve their health during accidents, as well as in the interests of public and other information systems, and also to maintain and develop the ERA-GLONASS SAIS technological infrastructure, to create new information and navigation technologies on ERA-GLONASS SAIS base, and to expand the quality and range of its services.

To achieve its strategic goal, JSC GLONASS is performing the following tasks:

  • Operating and expanding the ERA-GLONASS SAIS technological infrastructure.
  • Ensuring the receipt, processing, storage, and access to information on traffic accidents and other incidents with the use of in-vehicle devices functioning on the basis of GLONASS technologies.
  • Transmitting unadjusted navigation and information data to the emergency response services.
  • Expanding ERA-GLONASS SAIS, including through extrabudgetary funding, integrating it with similar systems in other countries and other information and navigation systems.
  • Developing and implementing information and navigation technologies and systems in various areas of everyday life and the economy, and commercializing these technologies.
  • Participating in the creation and development of other public information and navigation systems.
  • Expanding the quality and range of services.

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