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operator of the State Automated Information System ERA-GLONASS


Announcement to our partners

Dear colleagues!

JSC GLONASS is the operator of the ERA-GLONASS State Automated Information System (SAIS), which is designed to improve traffic safety, protect people’s lives, and to help preserve their health in case of traffic accidents. ERA-GLONASS SAIS has a unique network infrastructure marked by enhanced reliability that includes:

  • A full MVNO communication network that provides GSM coverage with the maximum possible scope (with its own numbering capacity)
  • A navigation and information platform with a wide variety of services available
  • A 24/7 customer service center
  • An ever-growing subscriber base of motor vehicles equipped with emergency call devices
  • A subsystem that allows collecting and processing of unadjusted information received from the devices

With its huge technological capacity, ERA-GLONASS SAIS is an ECO-environment that on the one hand permits the creation of new products and services for a wide range of consumers and on the other hand acts as a technological base for the provision of services to the end users.

To generate competitive products and services and promote them on various markets, JSC GLONASS is interested in cooperation with high-tech companies like software developers, companies that develop navigation equipment and various solutions in the area of communication and navigation technologies, and companies providing various services for car owners.

JSC GLONASS is interested in building up a regional network that will include companies capable of attracting new clients for services that use ERA-GLONASS SAIS solutions, as well as companies that will implement and support the solutions for the end users.

Partners are welcome!

Do not hesitate to send your inquiries concerning partnership, or other questions, to

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