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operator of the State Automated Information System ERA-GLONASS


JSC “GLONASS” is committed to improving the quality of life by developing, enhancing and distributing affordable high-tech navigation and communication solutions in the best interests of society and the state, to safeguard the lives and health of people, protect the environment, and defend the national security.



  • Operator of publicly accessible data and navigation emergency systems designed as preventive instrument for road safety.
  • Operator of a secure communication network for navigation information exchange between the transport industry participants and supervisory authorities as well as security, defence and law enforcement agencies.
  • Provider of innovative data, navigation and telecom solutions and infrastructure on the domestic and international market.
  • Operator of state information systems for monitoring mobile objects and provide services for collecting and transmitting secured data, as well as telematics-based vehicle management services.
  • Developer of advanced technologies and solutions in the field satellite navigation and their civilian applications.


Our objectives

  • Ensure seamless operation of  “ERA-GLONASS” SAIS
  • Develop the “ERA-GLONASS” SAIS technological infrastructure to enable quick market launch and further efficient provision of services for state agencies, businesses and society
  • Produce commercially demanded services in the target markets and business areas of the company
  • Harmonize “ERA-GLONASS” SAIS infrastructure for further use in the best interests of key potential customers, including federal and regional executive authorities, major state and commercial corporations, with a view to implementing national projects and programs
  • Work out requirements for navigation equipment with the aim of developing domestic microelectronics and meeting the targets of the procurement plan for Russian-made civilian microelectronic products
  • Ensure the global applicability of domestic navigation technologies and their compliance with international standards
  • Promote export sales of technological solutions used in development and operation of “ERA-GLONASS” SAIS

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