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operator of the State Automated Information System ERA-GLONASS
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Mission of JSC GLONASS:

  • To fulfill the national objectives of improving traffic safety and protecting the lives and preserving the health of citizens in case of traffic accidents.
  • To establish innovative information and navigation environment in order to increase the quality and accessibility of transportation services for the population and economy of the Russian Federation.
  • To develop cutting-edge services and facilities based on GLONASS technologies on domestic and foreign markets.


  • To use and develop the technological infrastructure of the ERA-GLONASS State Automated Information System.
  • To ensure the receipt, processing, storage, and access to information on traffic accidents and other incidents with the use of in-vehicle devices functioning on the basis of GLONASS technologies.
  • To transmit unadjusted navigation and information data to the emergency response services.

Areas of activity:

  • Creating and developing innovative government, industrial, and commercial navigation and information systems on a shared national technological base.
  • Providing navigation services of high accuracy and reliability in the interests of government and commercial customers.
  • Cooperating with players in the navigation services market, hardware and software developers, communication companies, and scientific institutions, setting up joint ventures, and performing R&D work for the purposes of using the ERA-GLONASS State Automated Information System infrastructure.
  • Providing additional services based on the ERA-GLONASS State Automated Information System infrastructure, including in areas like usage-based insurance, intelligent transport systems, road navigation systems, search and security services, fare collection systems, and to ensure safety for inland waterborne traffic.

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