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operator of the State Automated Information System ERA-GLONASS
«ERA-GLONASS» is a single ecosystem that connects millions of car owners, thousands of service providers and app developers
To ensure the best coverage area and highest reliability of data transmission «ERA-GLONASS» is based on the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) model
«ERA-GLONASS» makes your journey safer, more comfortable and exciting
«ERA-GLONASS» system allows to pinpoint a real-time location of different objects with an accuracy of more than 50 centimeters
«ERA-GLONASS» system helps save thousands of lives annually

Mission of JSC GLONASS

To establish innovative information and navigation environment in order to increase the quality and accessibility of transportation services for the population and economyof the Russian Federation.

Affiliate program

JSC 'GLONASS' is open for cooperation. We welcome your ideas and suggestions via the phone +7 (495) 988-47-10 or by email

ВСЕ Наши партнёры


Post address:

123112, Moscow, 10, Testovskaya st., JSC “GLONASS”

Location address:

The Northern Tower Business Centre, entrance №2, 12 floor, 10, Testovskaya st.



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